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Q&A with head coach Laban DeLay

03/30/2016, 6:00pm CDT
By Sam Thomas

Thoughts on offseason development and spring practice

After the Vikings’ first day of spring practice, we caught up with head coach Laban DeLay…

What are you first impressions of today’s practice?

“It’s a typical first day of spring football. A lot of enthusiasm, a lot of excitement, and a lot of mistakes. There were some good highlights, but we’re going to be watching video tomorrow and we’re going to correct tomorrow during the class period, then come after school and correct it out on the field. There were some bright spots but some obvious room for improvement, and that’s why you have spring.”


You don’t like to call it ‘offseason’, instead calling it ‘development season’. What did you work on over the past four months during development season?

“Up until spring break, we worked on bulk, strength, and explosiveness. That was our focus in the weight room and our gains have been astronomical. Then we came outside for one station every day and worked on our speed, quickness, and agility. From spring break on, we still devoted our time to strength and speed, but two days out of the week we devoted to football skills. Those ‘pre-spring’ football drills were in order for us to get lined up for today. We didn’t want to do a whole lot of teaching today and wanted to focus more on correcting technique.”


What position group made the biggest improvements leading up to today?

“It’s hard to say after the first practice. Right now, I can see glimmers of a lot. I thought the offensive line had a good day. They came out after it. The inside linebackers were downhill. I hate to focus on one group, but those two groups jump out at me right now.”


What tone did the coaches want to set today?

“Effort. We’re going to make mistakes on day one and day two of spring football, but we can control the effort. We want a lot of intensity and excitement, and when a teammate does something good we want to go slap his hat and congratulate him.”


What are your expectations for the rest of spring?

“We want to improve every day. The Vikings win today. Tomorrow, if we improve and get better, then we win again. We want to improve each and every day of spring football.”


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