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Q&A with Laban Delay

08/21/2016, 5:30pm CDT
By Sam Thomas

Lamar head coach shares thoughts on upcoming season

What are your expectations for your second season at Lamar?

Obviously we want to get better in every category from year to year, so our theme this year is “Elevate”. We want to elevate ourselves personally, professionally, and academically. We want to better than we were last year. We want to get stronger in the weight room and sounder in the technique and fundamentals of football. We want to elevate the standards that the seniors set last year.


How will you define success on the field this season?

Every year is a new year. It’s not apples to apples. We’re not judging one team from another. This is a different crop of kids but our standards are set. Success right now, for us, is to get better each and every day. We don’t look too far in front of us. We try to focus on the now and what we can do right now to get better for tomorrow.


How do the varsity newcomers look in fall camp?

They have really embraced it. I’ve been pleased. During this first scrimmage some of them got an eye opener that Friday night speed is a little different than Thursday night speed. The first scrimmage was really good for us to see some of the areas of improvement that we need to do. For the most part, the kids that were JV last year that are Varsity this year have embraced it and stepped up to the challenge. There will still be learning and adjusting as we go, but they haven’t backed up away from the opportunity.


How have the returning lettermen embraced their leadership role?

Those guys are now the leaders that have been around for a little bit and they have stepped up to embrace that challenge and brought the younger ones with them. Kyron Johnson, for example, at outside linebacker is an extension of me. He is coaching out there and using some of the same words that I use. Chance Fuller and the two running backs (Rashod Polk and Kendall Burt) are doing the same thing on the offensive side of the ball. That is really good to see. That means that you are doing something right when you see the seniors coaching the younger ones.


What are you most looking forward to this year?

We want to enjoy the journey. I love my coaching staff. They are brilliant when it comes to the X’s O’s, but beyond that they are awesome men of character. I also really love this football team. They try to do the right things. We’re going to work hard and we are definitely going to enjoy the journey as we go.

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